David Cardoso

Web Developer


Web Developer @ Advantage Services — Oct. 3, 2016 - Present

Responsible for implementing modern designs and solutions for client websites using HTML5, LESS, various JavaScript solutions, requests to REST API’s, and ColdFusion along with integrating the proprietary company CMS. Provides exemplary and effective customer support with both the ConnectWise ticketing system and phone support. Responsible for managing e-Commerce solutions and strategies for clients which includes the use of the PrestaShop and Shopify platforms.

Web Developer @ Bricks & Mortar Web Agency — Jan. 14, 2016 - Sept. 28, 2016

Responsible for developing custom themes and plugins for WordPress. Responsible for developing custom extensions and themes for the Magento e-Commerce platform. Provided general assistance around the Bricks and Mortar office. Interned for a 6-month period, then was hired in June 2016.

Freelance Web Developer @ Various — Dec. 1, 2014 - Jan. 1, 2016


e-Commerce Specialist @ Speedway of America — Jan. 1, 2013 - Aug. 1, 2013

Responsible for designing the Speedway of America homepage, and graphical elements. Routinely updated homepage daily with new products and offers using the OpenCart platform. Maintained company eBay page and product catalog. Responsible for marketing website across internet forums towards target customers.


Associate of Arts Degree @ Broward College — May 11, 2015

High School Diploma @ Monarch High School — June 12, 2012


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Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS/SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript ES6 (+jQuery), React.js, Handlebars, Liquid, and various API’s including Algolia, and Yatco

Back-end: Node.js, Express, PHP, Python, Django (including DRF), ColdFusion, MySQL

Platforms: WordPress, Magento 1.9, Shopify, PrestaShop

Related Competencies: Ability to build and consume REST API's. Management and usage of different AWS services including (EC2, S3, Cloudfront), and DigitalOcean. Management and usage of servers including Apache, and Nginx.


  • While working at Advantage, helped to lower front-end team's turnaround times by introducing local ColdFusion installations and Gulp workflows that allowed for real-time browser refreshing and moving of file directories.
  • While working at Advantage, helped push for a modernized workflow and implemented Git for larger projects, and Continuous Integration using Microsoft Team Services for core components across different client sites.
  • Assisted in the migration of a large e-commerce shop facing both loss of cart stability, and removal of their PCI compliance. This was done by migrating to Shopify, revamping their design, migrating their data, and preserving their search ranking using 301 redirects. (Project: JetBoatPilot.com)


I'm David, a web developer and programmer located in South Florida. I enjoy building meaningful web and app experiences.

Currently employed as a web developer at Advantage Services


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QuickSnipp Front-End

A code snippet storage service to replace the now defunct GistBox. Operates off a remote front-end server, that sends requests to a separate API server. Built with Node.js, Express, React.js, Amazon EC2

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QuickSnipp API Server

The API server that serves requests to Quicksnipp's front-end interface. Built with Python, Django + DRF, MySQL, Amazon EC2

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A client for Reddit designed to look like a newspaper, making content viewing faster. Built with Node.js, Express, React.js, Webpack, SASS, Waypoints, Reddit REST API, Amazon EC2

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A fun and simple coin tapping arcade game for Android phones. Built with Blender3D, Unity 5, and C#

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While working at Advantage Services, I created a large custom e-Commerce build and migration job for a jetboat marine company. Built with Shopify, Liquid, SCSS, Javascript, Coldfusion (For custom calculator application)

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Lindgren Pitman

While working at Advantage Services, I built a custom e-Commerce site for a fishing equipment manufacturing company. Built with Smarty templating, PHP, Prestashop 1.6

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Halliday Group

While working at Advantage Services, I developed a commercial real estate site implementing the proprietary company CMS. Built with LESS, Javascript + jQuery, Coldfusion

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Jasper Realty Advisors

While working at Bricks and Mortar, I developed a commercial real estate website by converting a static template to a Wordpress theme. Built with Wordpress, PHP, SASS, JS/jQuery, Advanced Custom Fields, and Gravity Forms API

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BMFB Productions

While working at Bricks and Mortar, I created a Wordpress build for a video production company by converting a PSD to a Wordpress theme. Built with Wordpress, PHP, SASS, JS/jQuery, Advanced Custom Fields, and Gravity Forms API

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Incentivize Extension

A Magento extension to add an input form on CMS pages to collect customer email addresses, and send coupon codes. Built with PHP, MySQL, Magento 1 API

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