Building meaningful web experiences.

Hi. I’m David Cardoso a web developer located in South Florida.

Notable clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with…

Featured Projects

DiscountMash Management

A management platform to streamline affiliate link blogging across different web properties.

C#, .NET MVC 4, MS SQL, Javascript, Amazon S3

A code snippet storage service. Operates off a IIS server on AWS EC2, that contains both an API server, and the Front-end client.

C#, .NET MVC 4, Web API, MS SQL, Javascript, Amazon SES

A simple database of resources such as tutorials, books, assets etc. for retro development.

C#, .NET MVC 4, Web API, MS SQL, Javascript


A client for Reddit designed to look like a newspaper, making content viewing faster.

Node.js, Express, React.js, Webpack, SASS, Waypoints, Reddit REST API, Amazon EC2