HMY Yacht Sales

The biggest project of my career. While working at Advantage I refactored the website of one the largest yacht brokerages in Florida.

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About Project

By far the largest project I've ever completed. I helped to do a complete refactor of HMY Yachts' website.


Project Goals

  • The 1st goal of HMY's redevelopment, was to create highly maintainable project that the team can add and remove features to at any point safely. I have made it a point to keep each part of a page highly decoupled on every level (Both styling wise and programmatically). Thus minimizing and/or eliminating issues related to code on one page interacting with another page.
  • The 2nd goal of HMY's redevelopment was to design a large project that can be easily and quickly manipulated to follow the web's ever-changing standards. Specifically, Google Page speeds. The team and I can swing and sway the new HMY site much more easily because of its componentized nature. When we make changes/improvements to a particular area of a page, the changes will reflect site-wide.
  • The 3rd goal was to isolate issues faster and to provide more immediate resolutions of said issues. I did this by eliminating many unnecessary JavaScript libraries and keeping all related code that interacts with that page, on said page.



I wore every hat that was necessary during the development of this project. My responsibilities on this project included extensive redesigns with HTML5/LESS, Javascript development, and Coldfusion templating.

Built With

  • LESS, Javascript, jQuery, Coldfusion, Cognito Forms, Algolia