QuickSnipp Front-End

A code snippet storage service. Operates off a remote front-end server, that sends requests to a separate API server.

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About Project

I created an easy-to-use code snippet storage service to store my commonly used code. The front-end interface originally ran on a Node.js server with forever.js running in the background. I eventually opted to use S3 for cheaper hosting, along with compiling the project with Webpack to be use S3's static website hosting feature.


Why Build It?

I intended for this project to replace the now defunct GistBox service. I also wanted to create a completely stand-alone service in the sense that I don't want to integrate into Github to work like Gistbox. Also, many of the code snippet services and applications are unnecessarily pricey, so I built one for users that is free of charge.


Next Steps

Currently in the process of moving this project over to ASP.NET MVC / Web API, as well as MSSQL to eventually run multiple projects off of a single IIS server. This will also allow me the opportunity to normalize the API's endpoints and greatly improve the front-end interface.

Built With

  • Node.js, Express, React.js, Amazon EC2