Case studies, written tutorials, project logs, and other dev topics.

Adding Sections in Shopify (Part 1): Static Sections

In this tutorial, learn how to build static sections into your themes to display and easily edit data.

Creating and Using your Requirements file for your Project

Save a list your project dependencies, to reinstall your app to other locations

Migration Issues? Damage Control for your Django Project

Messed up a migration? Here are some tips to get your project's database back to stability.

When and When NOT to use WordPress for your Idea or Business

Verify if your use-case is compatible with WordPress. Don't fall into the trap of choosing WordPress when you shouldn't.

So you want to be a developer?

Have a new found interest in development and don't know how to jump in? This article contains the outline on how to do it.

How I Deal with Industry Burnout

How I tackle an ever-prevalent issue in the software and web development industries.

Free Front-End Development Resources to Get Started

After spending a lot of time making mistakes in the beginning, this article contains some of the best introductory resources to understanding the beginnings of front-end development.