A code snippet storage service. Operates off a IIS server on AWS EC2, that contains both an API server, and the Front-end client.

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About Project

The successor to my older QuickSnipp project. A fully-featured code snippet storage service. Has awesome features such as groups to categorize user snippets, the official Microsoft Monaco editor (used by VS Code) to edit each file inside a snippet, and themes that change the interface's look and feel.

The project is comprised of a .NET MVC 4 solution with multiple projects, the API and the client. Both projects have been deployed to an IIS server running on AWS, as well as SQL server running off the same machine.


Why Build It?

I intended for this project to replace the now defunct GistBox service. I also wanted to create a completely stand-alone service in the sense that I don't want to integrate into Github to work like Gistbox. Also, many of the code snippet services and applications are unnecessarily pricey, so I built one for users that is free of charge.

I also built this project to gain deeper understanding of using  .NET MVC to build a Web API, and to improve my skillset.


Next Steps

I am currently implementing an organization/team feature which will allow users to create organizations to invite others to view their code snippets, but not be publicly viewable or be viewed by users outside the organization.

Built With

  • C#, .NET MVC 4, Web API, MS SQL, Javascript, Amazon SES