DiscountMash Management

A management platform to streamline affiliate link blogging across different web properties.

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About Project

A project that I'm extremely proud of, and cannot wait to put to use. I created an application to manage affiliate links across multiple wordpress installations at the same time.

There is no link to this project at the moment since this is a private application. But I would be more than happy to demo the application in person.


Project Goals

  • To streamline creating content and adding consistent affiliate links and designs across multiple sites at once.
  • To have content automatically sync to different content management platforms (at the moment WordPress) to both keep information off the main server to maintain security, to create redundancy in the event of a server outage, and to give the option of using another non-IIS server to reduce costs.
  • To be able to template affiliate links as to give the ability for you to design content easily.
  • To be able to build a database of affiliate links/product offers to be able to use at anytime across content.


Current Features

  • Product offer/Affiliate link management
  • Blog post management
  • Site management with sync settings for pushing blog content to the CMS of your choice (At the moment WordPress)
  • Product offer templating editor, with templating tags for inserting product data into code.

Built With

  • C#, .NET MVC 4, MS SQL, Javascript, Amazon S3