While working at Advantage Services, I created a large custom e-Commerce build and migration job for a jetboat marine company.

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About Project

My most successful project to date. The largest e-Commerce build I've done work on so far. Originally coming from the Prestashop platform, I migrated the project to Shopify. The JetBoatPilot shop features a redefined product hierarchy and site structure, as well as Algolia instead search.

I also built a custom embeddable jQuery plugin for JetBoatPilot that allows dealers to embed JetBoatPilot's proprietary SeaDek installation calculator onto any website (Even includes authentication keys and domain restrictions). The widget submits form fields to an API server that processes the input and sends a calculation of the estimate back to the widget.



I wore every hat that was necessary during the development of this project. My responsibilities on this project included design, custom Shopify development, and product importing.


Project Milestones

The redevelopment and migration of the site caused a massive surge in business within 2 weeks. They were able to easily manipulate their store without issues, and with the simplified and optimized store, JetBoatPilot was able to double their annual sales from last year.

I believe that one of the main reasons for the dramatic increase in sales were due to de-cluttering the catalog of unpopular products to focus on the most sold products, and the redesign with Algolia instant search allowed customers to find their items faster, and checkout easier with Shopify Payments.

Built With

  • Shopify, Liquid, SCSS, Javascript, Coldfusion, Algolia