A client for Reddit designed to look like a newspaper, making content viewing faster.

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About Project

Created a client for viewing in the format of a newspaper. I took inspiration from the design used at the Forecaster ( and Bloomberg (


This is the first project I built using React/Webpack and provided exposure to using a front-end framework for displaying data dynamically from an external API.


Why Build It?

Not a big fan of Reddit's interface. I wanted something where it looked exactly like a newspaper, and browsing was seamless as well as loading of media.


Next Steps?

I am continuing to improve the app, as well as working on themes that could be applied to change the appearance of the entire Reddicast interface. Also, working towards implementing post viewing and searching.

Built With

  • Node.js, Express, React.js, Webpack, SASS, Waypoints, Reddit REST API, Amazon EC2